Mobil waste heat transport systems enable the economical usage of waste heat to create a resource considerate heat supply for the future.
Together with our partner, LENA Service GmbH, we contribute to energy transition.

Project DEVElopement
technical developement
Organisation & Operation

We’re striving to recycle as much CO2 – free heat as possible!
For the expansion through Germany and Europe we provide attractive cooperation with Engineering firms.

Mobile Heat transport

Latent heat transport provides economical heat waste usage for industrial and municipal amenities, grounds and quarters.

CHP plants
Biogas plants
Waste recycling &  incineration
Sewage treatment plants Fermentation gas
Industry & trade


Swimming pools
Quarters, Hotels
Drying plants
Schools, sport facilities Greenhouses

CO2 – saving potentials: up to 300 metric tons per storage unit each year.


Site: Kaufering

Heat source: Biogas plant

Heat consumer: swimming pool

Storage units in use: 2

CO2 savings per year: 292 to

Site: Hannover

Heat source: waste reycyling & incineration

Heat consumer: school

Storage units in use: 5 (more in planning)

CO2 savings per year: 1.500 to in planning

Site: Rothrist CH

Heat source: waste reycyling & incineration

Heat consumer: swimming pool

Storage units in use: 3

CO2 savings per year: 750 to


Tobias Schmid

Project developement south of Germany & international

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Dr. Georg Schneider

Project developement Germany

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Henryk Bednarek

Head of engineering and developement

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Johannes Meures

Project engineer

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